SPAD-3036EL – Sport Finance

Professional management practice has become essential to all segments of the sports industry: professional leagues, private clubs, sport governing bodies, recreation enterprises and amateur sport organizations. In general terms, this course provides an opportunity to explore the financial dimension of sport management. At the same time, to meet the demands of this increasingly complex sport and recreation sector, sport finance affords the student an opportunity to hone her/his decision-making skills through the analysis of a variety of case studies. The basic objective is the development of a working knowledge of financial management tools as they apply to sport organizations. Through the study of such topics as economic impact, resource acquisition strategies, public-private partnerships, forms of ownership, event management, athlete representation and remuneration, and sport broadcasting, the student will acquire a deeper appreciation of the dynamics of the sport industry and the concomitant fiscal challenges. Limited enrolment. PREREQ: successful completion of core year or instructor’s permission. cr 3

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