RLST-2245EL – Women, Religion & Spirituality

This course examines the religious and spiritual experiences of women in a variety of religious traditions and cultures. The emphasis of the course is to uncover the multifaceted aspects of women’s religous lives through a careful study of scriptural texts, writings and stories. Central themes will include religious education and leadership, women’s interior and spiritual lives, reformation of patriarchal traditions, mystic contemplation and the life of virtue. The first half of the course will focus on women in western religious contents, particularly Judaism and Christianity, while the second half of the course will look at women’s religious experiences in other world religions such as Islam, Jainism, Bah225237 and Taoism. May count as 6 credits in Women’s Studies. Students may not retain credit for both RLST 2395 & 2245. (T) (lec 3) cr 6

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