PHYS-3626EL – Radiation Biophysics and Physics of Medical Imaging

Includes a presentation of the basic concepts of nuclear physics (radioactive decay, half-life, binding energy, etc.) The physics and biological effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiations encountered in medicine are discussed. The uses of the various types of radiation for diagnosis or treatment as well as means for protecting against radiation exposure are covered. The course then presents a brief history of imaging techniques used in medicine, the physical principles at the basis of their operation, and a detailed study of specific imaging systems. Topics include the basis for topographic image formation with particular reference to computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as a general treatment of image quality assessment and enhancement techniques. Students may not retain credit for all of PHYS 3626, 2089 & 2099. PREREQ: PHYS 1006/7 or PHYS 1206/7 or PHYS 1211/12 or equivalent (lec 3) cr 3

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