NATI-4586EL – Interpreting Aboriginal Histories

Designed to lead students into an exploration of aboriginal interpretations of history and aboriginal value systems which motivate these versions of history, including: pre-contact oral histories and traditions, Native-White relations from an aboriginal perspective, and traditional and contemporary oral-based versions of what constitutes history in a variety of First Nation perspectives. Emphasis is placed on interpretations of history as significant in their own right as value-laden interpretive systems of equal quality and insight as those accorded in the western interpretive tradition, offering alternative understandings of and reflections on history relevant to the humanities. Students learn skills and techniques relevant to the exploration of systems of aboriginal ethos and values with a focus on Algonquian peoples. A key component is the examination and analysis of aboriginal ethno histories and traditional teachings using a text linguistic approach. (lec 1, sem 2) cr 3

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