GERO-3302EL – Clinical Gerontology II

A continuation of GERO 3301, with the addition of new core concepts of facilitative self-disclosure, advanced empathy, immediacy and confrontation. Effective helpers are committed to understanding clients as well as the ways in which they experience themselves and the world in general. Effective helpers invite clients to challenge themselves so as to examine new perspectives and to set realistic goals and then act on them. A variety of communication skills are used by helpers to accomplish these tasks including information sharing, empathy, helper self-disclosure, immediacy and principles of effective challenging. The process of challenging others requires self-confrontation and further exploration of one’s personal life philosophy. Once again, the learner is asked to explore her/his personal values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that impact on the development of helping skills. PREREQ: GERO 3301. (lec 3) cr 3

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